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You’re in the right place if you love to eat, simple.

You might think this is somewhere where you’ll get all sorts of tips on how to be an amazing baker, how to whip up some spectacular dinner party menu or discover exotic new foods, but I may have to disappoint you on that front.

This is the home of a corner cutting, time saving, bargain hunting, sleep deprived, comfort eating, snack lover. My mission is to bring inspiration and ideas to people just like me, who love food but don’t always have a huge amount of time to spend cooking 🙂

What you can expect:

* Tips to make your life easier in the kitchen

* Ideas for busy families with young children

* Reviews of all my favourite foodie things

* Interesting edible related content that I think you will love too – and if you don’t, well I probably enjoyed creating it so that’s all that matters!


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