20 Deliciously Festive Foodie Advent Calendars

It’s not ALWAYS about chocolate (so I’m told!) when it comes to advent calendars.

Every year it rolls around, and every year my usual approach to advent calendars is to grab 3 chocolate ones from the supermarket. Something Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or Disney related for my little one, and then 2 for us grown ups which are often Cadbury’s and Maltesers.

This year I’ve gone rogue. Hatchimals for Poppy, Swizzels for Mr B, and Candy Kittens for me.

Whilst I was on the hunt for these I came across many amazing food related advent calendars and in this post I bring you the ones that stood out to me most.

From tea, to marshmallows, to crisps … you really can get almost anything in advert form these days!

If you want to also see other calendars on offer that are beyond just food, check out this blog post from my bestie, aka ‘ItsMeChrissyJ’

Let’s check out some edible ones that really caught my eye though:

(in no particular order)

1. Popcorn Shed

Love popcorn? This is the calendar for you – with multiple flavours to sample, this one looks excellent! You can grab the calendar here or the vegan version here

2. Pringles

This is something that my husband and 5 year old would sit and open and consume in one sitting! A must for Pringle lovers 🙂

It comes in 2 versions: 12 days here or 24 days here

3. Naked Marshmallow Co

I nearly bought myself this one but I’ll get to which one fell into my basket shortly. This marshmallow calendar not only comes with a daily mallowy treat, but also a mini marshmallow toaster too so you can get them all gooey first!

Get yours here (a version is also available minus the toaster – although why would you do that!?)

4. Lavender Whisk Iced Biscuits

Confession that this is one from a good friend of mine, but it’s the only one that isn’t from a larger brand. I really wish I had given myself time to source all the calendars from independent businesses but this one will have to hold the fort amongst the big guys. Rebecca is some kind of iced biscuit wizard and this year has put the biscuity goodness behind 24 little doors for your daily December treat. Buy the calendar on Etsy here (and check out everything else whilst you’re there too!)

5. English Tea Shop

Choose your favourite style and colour of advent book containing 25 tea bags in a variety of blends – Peachy Keen and ‘Post Party Refresh’ caught my eye! Check it out here

6. Snaffling Pig – Pork Crackling

I actually spotted this in a local garden centre today, after discovering this one online, and it’s really big! This oneis packed full of pork crackling, why not!? Get it here

7. Swizzels

Swizzels Sweet factory is full of family favourite retro style sweets, this one has arrived at our house for Mr B who’s partial to a drumstick lolly or 2. Get it here

8. Candy Kittens

Here is my favourite! For multiple reasons. 1. I’m a Jamie Laing fan, he owns Candy Kittens. 2. I love everything about the brand, the fun they have on their posts etc (and as someone who isn’t branding in my main business, this floats my boat). 3. The fact it’s not just a flat advent (although that does mean assembling it myself!)

Candy Kittens are fun sweets (vegan in case you’re interested!) aimed at adults and I think you’ll love them too 🙂 Get the calendar here and they’ll plant a tree with each one sold as well.

This is the one I’ll be opening each day and I can’t wait ….

9. Jelly Belly

Shaped like a Christmas tree, behind each door is a bag of jelly beans in various flavours – suitable for vegetarians. Get it here

10. Chilli Lovers

24 hot sauces in 12 fiery flavours, possibly one of the most unusual advent calendar themes I’ve seen, and not something I would enjoy myself, but I know there’s lots of chilli lovers out there that would! Get it here

11. Winter Classics Marzipan

A real treat for marzipan lovers and again something I have never seen before. I’d love to know which of these you think is the most obscure! Get it here

12. Beanies Flavoured Coffee

This brand always makes me wish I liked coffee, I love the sound of all the fun flavours. Get your Beanies fix every day in December along with a couple of mystery jars too. Get it here

13. Pip & Nut Peanut Butter

24 individually wrapped nut butter cups. I cheated a little on this one as they are actually chocolate – I was hoping they were going to be actual peanut butter portions. Chocolate and peanut is a strange mix for me but I LOVE peanut butter. Nevertheless, this is a good calendar for the list of edible ones. Get it here

14. Ilchester Cheese

A very close second for nearly being my calendar, I LOVE cheese of most varieties. If you do too then this is the one for you 🙂 Get it here

15. Tiptree Jams

Another pretty random theme for a calendar but look at that fun bus! This might be my favourite in terms of the outer casing 🙂 Get it here

16. Munchkings

Can anything BE any more festive? If you love mince pies then you can have one every single day, and then thank Selfridges later. Get it here

17. Black Liquorice

Hands up liquorice lovers! This is one huge calendar, 24 doors and 12 different varieties. Get it here

18. Yawn Cocoa

This hot chocolate is made from real flakes of chocolate – the best kind! How good does campfire marshmallow flavour sound!? Just mix with hot milk, yum 🙂 Get it here

19. SuperGarden

Now here’s an unusual one …. this calendar is filled with freeze dried goodness. Berries, fruits and vegetables, with absolutely no nasty stuff. I had never heard of this brand but I think their products look great! Get it here

20. The Spice Discovery

24 sweet and savoury spices, salts and peppers from across the globe. Get it here

I would love to know what your favourite kind of calendar is, and whether any of these take your fancy.

My Candy Kittens tree calendar will make an appearance on Instagram once it’s assembled!

Sammie x

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